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Audio / Video Production

When it comes to creating an outstanding video production services that suit your  brand, Urbanmass is a video production firm that has exactly what you need. It’s our priority to produce an effective and fascinating video production work that will entertain, engage, and inspire your audiences – and most importantly, grow your brands. As you know, without a top-notch video production work, your popularity as an artist is as good as dead, and this is why we should be your ultimate destination for TVC and video production. What matters most to us is you and your identity. What is it that will help your video stand out from the crowd and give you the opportunity to shine and conquer? That’s really what we’re about. Our professional video producers have over a decade experience in the video production industry. They assist our clients across the globe to craft their messages in a synoptic video format which absolutely shares their brand/personal story to thrill their target audience. Urbanmass can innovate a concept or idea, script it, storyboard it, shoot it, edit it to the client’s taste and deliver the finished product to the customer in any required format.


By collaborating with us, you tap into our expertise in video production as we breathe life into your video and at the same time maximize the value of your brand across the globe. This will help you to reach more people as well build a stronger connection with your fans/audience. No matter how big or small the video production project is, our team will never compromise on quality as we are all out to give you nothing but the best.

Our firsthand collaborative process starts with a prolific consultation to clearly understand your vision; after this, we progress to the other stages which include; storyboarding, production planning, video capture, etc. We love producing videos and are dedicated to the craft and culture to bring out the best in you and your brand. It’s just as simple as it sounds; we’re a full-service music house that can assist you with all your media and music solutions under one roof!


It’s quite known that a video without audio is nothing but just mere surveillance. At times, a project needs something extra to make it splendid.  Our audio production and post-production services can take your audio project from ordinary to extraordinary, even if you do not have the required resources or time to produce it by yourself. Now here’s what we can do for your audio production.

  • Get you in touch with great producers and studios around the world that remain the best in their respective niches.
  • Help you set out a remarkable strategy to your song.

At Urbanmass, we are equipped to take you through the whole creative process; from recording to editing and the delivery. We and our global affiliates around the world are devoted to providing audio production services and support to music artists promoting humanity, love, and integrity.