UrbanMass provides full events management in Dubai, and has gained solid experience in developing, managing and coordinating events in the UAE, Sweden and Africa. Being a well-integrated company, our efforts enable us to offer our clients strategy, innovation and creativity in all events we execute.

The past years UrbanMass has seen tremendous growth, and is now considered one of more professional and popular specialists that provide a wide range of services. With our continuously growing experience in managing events, UrbanMass has maintained its level of consistency in offering the best services to our clients.

Our main goal is to continuously develop professional, entertaining, captivating and innovative events that stand out worldwide. How do we do that? The UrbanMass team works together efficiently by implementing expertise and efforts to maximize participation and interactivity. By offering bespoke services including live entertainment, production services, nightlife concerts and club management, UrbanMass has developed a variety of events that appeal to our clients and customers:

  • The Brunch Project
  • Ladies Love Hip Hop
  • Black Nights

Celebrity Associations

P Diddy
Snoop Dogg
Amber Rose
Toni Braxton
Steve Angello

Brand Associations