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Music Distribution

Music artists these days are so lucky due to the fact that they have the capability of distributing their music to different parts of the world with ease at a cheap price.

Before this millennium surfaced, artists were struggling with music whereby they found it hard to market their music. It was only the major music companies that could do the distribution of the music but these days, life has been simplified.

With the escalating progression of music technology in the last decade, mainland CD stores are continuing to decline in popularity, as the trendy demand for digital music downloads continues to crush them further into the archives of history. Claiming more than half of the globes music buying audience, Digital Music Distribution is the predominant method of music marketing the world offers us today.

More and more musicians are appearing on the scene with highly polished albums, mostly produced entirely under their own steam. They have become resourceful singular empires, holding sole rights and authenticity as unconstrained producers and marketing agents of their own products. These musicians are ready to take the world by storm by hooking themselves up with one of the many distribution companies currently available.

But as an independent musician, what are you really signing up to in a distribution deal?

Many digital distributors offer musicians the chance to have their music available on many of the popular and esteemed music selling outfits; Apple iTunes being one of the most popular playgrounds for current music consumers.

UrbanMass prides itself on four main values that assist upcoming artists in promoting music and building their dreams – fast, easy to use, cost efficient and interactive. With our state of the art services, UrbanMass is the first company in the region to offer music distribution services to independent artists.

  • FAST

Get played on over 200+ digital music partners including iTunes, tunes MENA Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon Music. In a second, let the world hear your music!

  • Cost Efficient

Get a greater return on your investment by distributing your music and keeping 100% of your revenue.

  • Easy to Use

Share your music with the world and maintain 100% of your intellectual property. At the click of a button, determine when to release your music, what music to release and how to release it. Don’t fret, we offer tips that will assist your distribution process.

  • Interactive

Make your music and Share your music! Join our community, find new fans and interact with other artists. You never know, it may be your next collaboration.