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Talent Booking


Talent are an interesting type of people. They have tapped into a certain part of our world that we don’t always see. They create stunning works of art that dazzle our minds and delight our eyes. As a recording artist, singer or songwriter, finding a booking agent who will actually book your act or show, can be tricky at best. A well-qualified booking agent is like finding the needle in the haystack. While many companies offer traditional artist booking services on a number of levels, there are few out there who really deliver.

Book with Confidence

Working with a booking agency provides the buyer knowledge, convenience, and peace of mind. Plus, they can free up your time to work on obtaining sponsors, securing the venue, creating a marketing scheme, and all the other fun jobs that come with the responsibility being a promoter. Using the expertise of a booking agency will enhance the overall quality and experience of your events.

UrbanMass provides artist bookings in the middle east as well as worldwide. Local & International entertainment and artists booking agency in Dubai & Stockholm, Sweden, focusing on music management, musicians, live bands, performing entertainment, and dancers. Working in live entertainment in Dubai & Stockholm for 9 years and provided live artists all around the world!


Why UrbanMass ?


1. Your Interest,our priority

       Your interest comes first when booking with Urban Mass. We negotiate strictly on your behalf.

2. Constant Communication

      As a client, you should always be informed of the status of every situation during an Artist Booking.

3. Hundreds of Artists

     From the US to the UAE, we have access to hundreds of artists worldwide.

4. Venue Access

    As well as booking an artist if you need assistance booking a venue, we can help.

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What Kind of Talent ?

We have access to thousands of talented individuals in various industries worldwide that can offer the extra boost your event needs. We handle all logistics for all talent bookings to assure a seamless event is transpired


Business Executives

Celebrity Speakers



Fashion Designers

Musicians Personalities


Social Media Influencers




Recording Artists