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Tour Management

The words ‘tour manager’ might sound familiar but do you really know what they entail? Tour managers have a lot of work to do and mostly every band going out on extensive tours will hire the service of such an individual to help them out organize and settle every detail of the tour.

Once you become somewhat successful and you plan on getting your music out there by playing different cities and venues, it is very important to ask for help from experienced people to help you out, especially if this is your first tour – tour managers will do just that.

By definition, a tour manager is an individual helping out with the organization, schedule, and administration of a band or solo artist during their tour. A tour in itself consists of a sequence of appearances at clubs and venues consecutively in different cities in certain laps of time. There are many details to work through when trying to set-up a tour; venues, dates, pay rates, benefits, housing and accommodations, transportation and more. Having the help of a manager will lighten the burden of organizing it all and will help you make the most out of your own tour.

Tour managers usually work in association with booking agents to book the dates of a tour; booking agents are very resourceful and can sometimes pull off gigs and venues that would otherwise be impossible. The booking agent himself will work with concert promoters to obtain the best gigs for your band. These managers basically supervise the operations, making sure that everything about the tour is set and secure and will provide you with the success you are hoping for. Booking a tour is, as you can see, a complicated venture but is made entirely possible with the help of knowledgeable individuals such as tour managers and booking agents.

If you are looking to go on your first tour, or even if you’ve done a few of those yourself, always rely on the services of a tour manager to make the most out of the experience you are about to live. In the music industry, there is a history of scams and breach of contracts on the part of both club owners and musicians, and tour managers will ensure that every gig you book will go as smoothly as possible for both parties and that you will be welcomed at any venue for your upcoming dates.

Stop shifting through your inbox to find that one important email with tonight’s guest list, promoter contact, parking plot for your night liner… or trying hard to hire someone or external people to liaison the artist booking you have made.

UrbanMass clears your head and lets you focus on what’s really important when you are on the road: playing great shows in the best possible circumstances. We believe, we have the best tour management in the industry in terms of structure and experience.

We will help you with the following;

  • Events

Easily organize your events. Add detailed timings for your shows, rehearsals, promo days…

  • Calendar

A personal calendar for your band and crew members, integrated with your laptop or smartphone.

  • Locations

Get a head start by using our extensive location database, or simply add your own.

  • Settlements

Calculate your band’s actual fee for any kind of deal. Based on ticket sales, costs, bonuses, etc.

  • Band & Crew

Keep track of your band and crew’s passports, visa, personal data, travel preferences, etc.

  • Guests

Manage guest lists for your shows, by allowing band members to add their own guests directly into the system.

  • Transport, Hotels…

Centralize your hotel, travel, flight, promo and other information.